Ethan Mick

I write code to solve your problems.

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What I do

I can jump into any part of the process of understanding, designing, and writing software.

I like to work on projects from start to finish.

If you don't know the best solution, that's okay! I can help research and walk you through all the potential solutions and help you pick the best one.

Full Stack Engineer

I work on projects that span the entire stack of software; from database to user facing application. I can integrate with other systems and write complex business software to manipulate data.

I focus on cloud development.

Attention to detail

I care about the details.

The user experience should be deliberate. Therefore, I consider the small elements that make a feature feel alive and purposeful. I focus on getting the user to their goal as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

How I work

I ask myriad questions.

I talk with everyone involved in the project and understand their requirements. I want to know what the vision is, what the goals are, and what the challenges are.

I try to keep meetings at a minimum, preferring async communication and written updates. When something blocks me, I will escalate as necessary to become unblocked.

I know over a dozen languages, but I spend most of my time in Go and TypeScript.


If you have them set up, I will jump in with your teams' development practices and follow along.

I ship quickly and iteratively.

I like to tackle the most significant unknowns first and create prototypes to eliminate confusion and build confidence. Then, as the project continues, I iterate rapidly, shipping code many times a day.

Throughout the project, I seek constant feedback and give updates, so everyone is aware of the progress.

I do all development with the best modern source control and security practices.